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On 11/3/2016 Coach Laz received a recognition award from Commissioner Jose Pepe Diaz for all he has done in the community in the past 3 years. We have influenced & helped over 1,000 different kids in a positive manner through sports & mentoring. Coach Laz's passion & hard work has truly flourished.   

These are some pictures of the past seasons playoff games at the Heat arena and our first ESPY'S style award ceremony!

These ESPY'S style award ceremony was a complete success! No better way to end the season!

We are the first & only organization to have this form of ceremony to end the season.

This makes such an impact on the kids lives!

By having them dressed in a professional manner to go recieve an award they worked so hard for creates a bigger impact than just giving it to them after the last game.

This ceremony makes them take the season, practices & games more seriously! Due to the types of awards given makes them show the coach they work harder in all areas of the sport whether defensive or offensive! 

Tyler Johnson clinic at our park


1 year anniversary November 3 2014 

305 Sports night at the heat game

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